Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the Hong Kong Visitor Visa Facilitation Plan replace the usual visitor visa application process?

No, the individuals who do not enjoy visa-free privilege for visiting Hong Kong must obtain visit visas / entry permits before coming to Hong Kong, in accordance with the regulations applicable based on their nationality/residency. For Mainland, Macao and Taiwan residents, the prevailing entry arrangement for visiting Hong Kong will continue to apply.

Can I use the invitation letter issued by the authorised host organisation to prolong my stay in Hong Kong?

If you were granted permission to stay in Hong Kong for less than 14 days or if your current limit of stay as a visitor is due to expire in less than 14 days, the invitation letter does not prolong your stay automatically. Thus, you may apply for an extension of stay as a visitor (in accordance with the Government’s rules and regulations in this regard), or exit and re-enter Hong Kong, but you should not consider the invitation letter as sufficient to prolong your stay in Hong Kong after the expiry date of your current limit of stay.
Likewise, invitees who have been permitted to remain in Hong Kong for less than 14 days, the duration they can participate in the designated activities will be shorter accordingly. In this regard, the invitation letter issued by authorised host organisations will not entitle them to remain in Hong Kong for longer.

Can I receive remuneration for participating in short-term activities?

Yes,eligible visitors may receive remuneration for the designated activities concerned. The provision of remuneration is a matter between the eligible visitors and the host organisations.