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Can I Easily Return To (and Then Remain In) Hong Kong as a Visitor Once My Current Employment Visa Has Expired?

October 6th, 2019

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First Published September 3, 2013

Sometimes, people find themselves in a state of ‘administrative flux’ as one employment visa ends and the circumstances for a new employment visa have not yet, for one reason or another, materialised. The question is, however, can you easily return to / be in Hong Kong as a visitor whilst these wrinkles get ironed out over time?


I have been living and working in Hong Kong for the past three years on a valid employment visa which has expired yesterday (2/9/2013).

I finished my employment earlier in the month (I am not continuing with them) and went to Canada for a holiday.

I returned to Hong Kong last night (2nd), hoping to enter on a visitor visa, however I arrived in HK at 10:00 pm they said I could only enter under my employment visa (as it was still valid for another 2 hours).

Therefore this morning, at Immigration Tower I was told I was a technical overstayer (by one day) and they have gave me another 2 days to exit Hong Kong which I plan to do tomorrow via Macau and stay for one night.

On my return on Friday I hope to be given a 3 month visitor visa.

My questions to you are:

(1) Do you think they will allow me to come back in once I have left?

 (2) Do you have any advice on what I should say to the admissions officer?

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