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Contact the Hong Kong Visa Centre

+852 5808 5808
or Send us a voice mail
+852 3020 8820
1704, 17/F, Tung Chiu Commercial Centre
193-197 Lockhart Road
Wanchai, Hong Kong

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Application Submission Management Centre:

In order to keep our costs down – and allowing us to pass those savings on to you – our staff are not full time office based, therefore we do not have the facility to receive drop-in clients in our Wanchai offices.

Moreover, our premises are not constantly occupied as the Application Submission Management Team spends much of their time at Immigration Tower processing client applications.

Consequently, we use commercial couriers extensively to exchange passports and original client documentation.


The Hong Kong Visa Handbook is a 100% Free Service of the Hong Kong Visa Centre

We understand that technology can be leveraged very cost effectively to allow you to take control of your own case by providing you industry-standard knowledge resources for free and then standing ready to help out, for very reasonable service fees, with intellectual and professional case input based on our years of visa and immigration expertise.

It is this ‘intellectual glue’ which is key to visa case success and the technology is now available to turn a typical 15,000 Hong Kong Dollar professional service fee into a HKD3,000 teleconference consultation.

Under our service model, you can save more than 80% in professional service fees whilst we, as professional advisors, still retain the necessary profit margins to remain a commercially attractive business proposition.

It just makes sense.

Our overheads are kept very low (no fancy offices), case management practices are fully systemised (removing the traditional inefficiencies endemic in the Hong Kong visa services industry) and you pay only for the real value in the relationship with us, namely, our expertise, knowledge and experience.

We’re proud of the Hong Kong Visa Handbook and hope that it contains everything you need to get your visa approved without anyone’s help.

But if you do need assistance, that help is one easy consultation away.

With 4 very cost effective service options designed to complement the resources available within the Hong Kong Visa Handbook, you can get the right amount of help you require, exactly when you need it (including have us handle your entire application, from start to finish, if that is what you prefer).

If you start out with a Consultation, you can upgrade your service level at any time.

We simply deduct the service fees you have paid us thus far from the next level service category you wish to upgrade to.


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Our History

Learn how we got started over two decades ago and the philosophy behind our service model here (VIDEO).


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