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Hong Kong Employment Visa – The Newcomer’s Guide – At-A-Glance

October 2nd, 2023

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Hong Kong Employment Visa – Looking To Get One?

A Hong Kong employment visa can be had if you both qualify and know how to navigate the eligibility assessment and application process system itself. This info-graphic provides you all you need to know – at a glance. 

Hong Kong Employment Visa

Hong Kong Employment Visa – What’s Involved?

Hong Kong Employment Visa are issued to foreign professionals under the General Employment Policy (GEP) of the Immigration Department.

If an applicant successfully obtains an employment visa, they can bring their legal spouse and any children under the age of 18 as dependents.

Hong Kong Employment Visa – Eligibility?

To be eligible for a Hong Kong employment visa, the applicant must meet several requirements.

They should have a good educational background, typically a bachelor’s degree and at least two years of post-graduation work experience in a managerial or supervisory role.

In certain cases, the Immigration Department may accept good technical qualifications, proven professional abilities, and extensive relevant work experience instead of a formal university education.

The applicant must also possess special skills, knowledge, or experience that are valued in Hong Kong and not readily available within the local workforce.

They should be of good character, and the compensation package for the job, including income, accommodation, medical, and other fringe benefits, must be broadly commensurate with market rates.

The employing enterprise must be deemed a suitable and credible employment visa sponsor by the Immigration Department. This means the company should be well established, have a properly set up office, and already employ Hong Kong locals.

Hong Kong Employment Visa –  Documents Normally Required?

Various documents are required for both the employer and employee in an employment visa application.

If the annual salary for the offered position is HK$2 million or above or if the work nature is included in the Talent List published by the Hong Kong Immigration Department, the employer is not required to provide proof of difficulties in local recruitment before making the application.

Hong Kong Employment Visa –  Processing Time?

Generally, it takes between four and six weeks for an employment visa application to be finalized by the Immigration Department. Under no circumstances should the applicant begin their employment duties until the visa application is approved.

There are no exceptions to this rule.

Hong Kong Employment Visa – What About Your Family?

Visas for dependents will be issued at the same time as the employment visa, as long as the marriage or civil partnership is certified and the children are the biological or adopted offspring of at least one of the parents. Dependent visa holders are permitted to work, establish or join a business, or study without requiring further permissions from the Immigration Department.

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