Delivering Speeches & Presentations

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Non-Local Speakers

Hong Kong Visitor Visa Facilitation Plan for Non-Local Speakers

As part of the visitor facilitation plan launched by the Hong Kong Government on the 1st of June, the immigration conditions for non-local speakers were also relaxed.

Thus, non-local speakers across the board are allowed to deliver speeches/presentations without the need to apply for an employment visa/entry permit for 14 consecutive days upon each arrival.

In addition, the cap on the number of events was also removed; however, the condition that they should not be remunerated (other than expenses relating to the event such as meals, accommodation, etc.) remained unchanged.

Those who require a visa/entry permit to visit Hong Kong may also benefit from the pilot scheme and facilitation for non-local speakers without the need to apply for a separate employment visa/entry permit.

However, they still need to apply for a visit visa/entry permit.

The list of foreign nationals who may visit the HKSAR visa-free and the respective visa-free period can be found here.

Non-local speakers are subject to prevailing COVID-19 related entry restrictions.

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