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How Does a Prior Bankruptcy Impact on Getting a Hong Kong Employment Visa?

May 14th, 2018

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Will previous financial difficulties experienced ‘in another life’ outside of Hong Kong impact on your ability to secure an employment visa here?



I’ve dreamed of living in Hong Kong for much of my life, but I have a bankruptcy in my past and don’t know if it will affect my plans to find a job and get a sponsored work visa.

How does having a USA bankruptcy (Chapter 7, elimination of unsecured debt, usually someone with few/no assets) on my credit record affect establishing myself in Hong Kong?

Do employers/ Hong Kong Immigration require credit checks?

Does having a bankruptcy in my past make it difficult get a work visa, make me an unlikely candidate to get a sponsored work visa?

Other than for an apartment rental credit check, does anyone officially have to know?

Since that unfortunate event quite a few years years ago, I’ve kept a good job, re-established my credit as much as possible, have several credit cards and saved quite a bit of money.

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