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If I Do Volunteer Work For a Charity Based Overseas But Also Operating in HK Whilst Holding a Visitor Visa Am I Breaching My Conditions of Stay?

September 17th, 2020

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What is the deal if you help out a charity on a volunteer basis whilst holding a visitor visa in Hong Kong?


Volunteer work for a charity based overseas but also operating in HK?


Hi Visa Geeza,

I am  Canadian and I first came to Hong Kong on April under a 3 month training visa as part of a university program.

While doing my training (an internship) I met the director of an NGO that is both a registered charity in Hong Kong and a registered non-profit in Vancouver.

I ended up volunteering for the NGO after my internship for about 4.5 months while looking for a job in Hong Kong.

I volunteered for the Vancouver branch of the NGO doing remote work such as emails and social media, basically stuff that can be done anywhere.

I was a visitor in Hong Kong at the time and also traveling in Asia.

Is it considered legal for me to work for this Canadian NGO while I was in Hong Kong?

Basically I was doing remote work  as a Canadian for a Canadian organization.

I just happened to be  doing it on my laptop in coffee shops in Hong Kong.

Hoping you can help me!

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