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Does My Child Get the Right of Abode if She Wasn’t Born in Hong Kong But I Have the Right to Land?

May 2nd, 2020

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First Published December 25, 2012


A relatively straightforward answer to, what can be, quite a complex question dealing with ‘Hong-Kong-immigration status-by-descent’ for foreign nationals born in the HKSAR.


I was born in Hong Kong  (I am a British passport holder and of British parents). I do not have ***.

My daughter was born in the US and has a US passport and a British passport.  We have lived back in Hong Kong since 2010 and she has had a visa for school. She was born in 2003.

Does she need to spend 7 continuous years here in HK or can I apply for permanent residency for her because I was born here?

Thank you

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