Overview of the New Capital Investment Entrant Scheme

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Quick Summary

Introduction to the Scheme

The New Capital Investment Entrant Scheme is designed to encourage asset owners to relocate and invest in Hong Kong, offering a pathway to explore the city’s varied investment landscapes.

Managed by the New Capital Investment Entrant Scheme Office within Invest Hong Kong, this initiative evaluates applicants’ financial assets and ensures adherence to investment and portfolio maintenance standards.

The Immigration Department oversees visa and residency applications, ensuring a comprehensive approach to welcoming new investors to Hong Kong.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must be at least 18 years old and demonstrate a net asset value of no less than HK$30 million over the two years preceding their application. Eligible individuals include foreign nationals, Chinese nationals with permanent residency abroad, residents of Macao SAR, and Taiwanese residents.

Investments must be made in permissible assets post-Scheme launch, with applicants showing no adverse immigration record and the ability to support themselves and dependants without relying on public assistance or employment within Hong Kong..

Investment Requirements

A minimum investment of HK$30 million in permissible assets is required, with assets acquired before the Scheme’s launch not counting towards this threshold. The Scheme mandates a detailed financial assessment process, including a Net Asset Assessment and verification of investment requirements, managed by the New CIES Office. The Immigration Department handles visa issuance and extensions, ensuring participants meet Scheme obligations.

Process and Approval

Applicants must first undergo a Net Asset Assessment by the New CIES Office, receiving certification upon meeting the net asset requirement. Following Approval-in-Principle from the Immigration Department, applicants have 180 days to make the committed investment. Successful investment verification leads to Formal Approval, granting an initial 24-month stay, extendable upon continuous compliance with the Scheme’s requirements.

Extension and Permanent Residency

Extensions of stay are contingent on verifying continuous compliance with portfolio maintenance requirements. After seven years of continuous ordinary residence (or compliance with the Scheme for non-residents), participants and their dependants may apply for permanent residency or unconditional stay, marking the culmination of their investment journey in Hong Kong.