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Can I Study then Get Married All Whilst Holding a Hong Kong Employment Visa Sponsored by a Company I No Longer Work For?

May 9th, 2020

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This post was first published on December 2, 2012


Life in Hong Kong throws up many new opportunities and this question seeks to understand the implications for 7 years continuous residency in respect of an eventual right of abode application where an overall switch over in life plans sees a lady intending to relinquish her employment visa for a student or dependant visa


I am a Canadian citizen living in HK. I have an employment visa and want to leave my job. My fiancee (Canadian citizen) has an employment visa and we will be married in 10 months.

1. Can I leave my job (my employment visa has been extended until 2014), stay in HK on my employment visa until the wedding, and then transfer my visa to a Dependent visa linked to my husband?

2. Will this 10 month gap of non-employment, (even though I have 2 valid years left on the employment visa) count as a break in the 7 year continuous living requirement for permanent residency? I will remain in HK.

3. Will a dependent visa still count towards permanent residency?

4. Does permanent residency need to come from only one type of visa, or can it come from multiple visas?

5. Is there any benefit to having an employment visa over a dependent visa for permanent residency or privileges as a HK resident?

6. Can I attend a HK based university under the employment visa or must I change the visa to a student visa?

7. Will the time between the date of resignation and the beginning of my student visa (if I choose to do this, possibly 4-6 months) break the continuous living requirement for permanent residency?

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