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Is it True that Getting Your First Hong Kong Employment Visa is the Hardest then Afterwards It’s a Cinch to Swap Over to Any Other Employer?

January 4th, 2022

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Is there are truth at all in this Hong Kong employment visa “proposition”?



I am a French national who has just moved to Hong Kong.

I am finding it very difficult to understand the visa process in Hong Kong.

My friend passed me your contact saying that you will surely be able to help me. 

I would like to ask you the questions below, hoping that you can provide me a brief answer and explanation.

Is it possible to transfer a Hong Kong employment visa visa from one employer to another?

Why was I told by an employer that if I already had a working visa they would be willing to sponsor me otherwise they could not.

What is the difference between the first visa application and the others? 

To explain myself better i will make you an example:

Just yesterday I sat an interview and I was asked about a visa. I made clear that I needed a sponsor and the interviewer said that he was not able to provide sponsorship, however, he said that if I managed to get a Hong Kong employment visa he could transfer it over.

Is it possible?




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