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Global From Asia Video PodCast: More on the Recent Toughening Up By ImmD on Hong Kong Investment Visa Applications

July 24th, 2014

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A couple of weeks ago, Michael Michelini interviewed me for his Global From Asia PodCast show…

Watch this video on YouTube.

This was my second interview with Mike (first one here), so this time I invited him to come along to the Video Cha Cha studio so we could capture the session on video too.

Two birds with one stone!

He was keen to explore further the implications of my recent Update for foreign national entrepreneurs  seeking to start up in Hong Kong.

I hope you find this 20 minute segment informative and useful.

You can listen to the PodCast version here.

Mike does a really great job captuting the thoughts of the movers, shakers and operators in the Hong Kong start up scene and his PodCast programmes come highly recommended.

You can  sign up for them here.

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