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The Merits of Applying for a Reconsideration of a Refused Hong Kong Visa Application

September 10th, 2012

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The saying goes that a lawyer who represents himself in court has a fool for a client.

The same could be said for a refused visa applicant who remains serious about his residence prospects for Hong Kong in the wake of the HKID refusing his application for immigration status here.

Why do I say this?

A Reconsideration application is an appeal and consequently an uphill struggle.

If you were not successful the first time around, you have to ask yourself if you have what it takes to get it right if you have second run at it.

Making a request for Reconsideration is a big step and there is a lot at stake. You can have only one proper go at it so you need to get it right.

Do you have a strong sense of what has gone wrong or are you actually just being driven by the emotion of disappointment?

The application calls for new and previously unsubmitted information which has come to light since the time your refusal was notified to you.

Do you really have this lined up, do you appreciate its strength and do you know how to use it to articulate your augmented story – and actually, is it compelling enough?

Are you too close to this application that you are not being objective? Have you considered, instead, moving past this refusal and going on to progress an alternate application based on revised plans for your life in light of the fact that the HKID are not presently buying into your rationale for you wishing to remain in Hong Kong on the terms enunciated in your refused application?

Have you prepared yourself for another refusal and all that this would entail for you?

It is important to remember that, as a foreign national, especially if you are here as a visitor, you are using the resources of the HKID each time you make an application down at  Immigration Tower.

And with the official fees being as modest as they are, how realistic are you in expecting the HKID to continue to pour resources into your application when they have given full and due consideration to your Original case and found it wanting?

These, and quite few other considerations, are in play in deciding whether to apply for a Reconsideration or not.

So please decide wisely. You only get one good shot.

Do you really want to do it yourself?

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