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Postgraduate Students In Hong Kong Allowed 20-Hour Weekly Work Limit

November 1st, 2023

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Postgraduate Students Can Now Work Freely 20 Hours Weekly in Hong Kong

Postgraduate Students in Hong Kong

Postgraduate Students in Hong Kong – Good News

On October 26, a significant announcement was made by the Hong Kong Government concerning international students in Hong Kong.

Postgraduate Students in Hong Kong – Now Free To Work

Effective from November 1 (today), there will be a provisional exemption for full-time non-local postgraduate students from the constraints associated with part-time employment.

This provision is set to be on a pilot basis, spanning a duration of two years.

Postgraduate Students in Hong Kong – Previously Constrained

Prior to this policy adjustment, foreign students granted permission to undertake full-time postgraduate studies at locally accredited institutions in Hong Kong were furnished with a “No Objection Letter” (NOL) by the Immigration Department (ImmD).

This permitted them to engage in part-time work on their respective campuses, limited to 20 hours weekly. They were also entitled to participate in curriculum-related internships and secure summer employment opportunities.

Postgraduate Students in Hong Kong – Free To Work 20 Hours Per Week

This recent pivot, as highlighted in the Chief Executive’s 2023 Policy Address, entails a two-year hiatus from these pre-existing limitations, commencing today.

The aim is to offer international students a broader horizon to explore employment opportunities during their academic tenure in Hong Kong.

It’s envisioned that this will not only enrich their professional experiences but also potentially entice them to consider Hong Kong as a long-term career destination after their academic pursuits.

ImmD is set to organize informational sessions for educational institutions to avail the relevant details of this new provision.

Postgraduate Students in Hong Kong – Updated NOL Letters

Students who are beneficiaries of this initiative will receive the updated NOLs via their institutions.

It appears there’s no onus on eligible students to undergo a separate application process to avail of this concession and those post-grad students who get their visas or entry permits from today onwards will receive revised NOLs in alignment with the new provisions.

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Postgraduate Students in Hong Kong

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