Designed Specifically to Bring Particular Talent to Hong Kong

Visa Overview

Hong Kong seeks to attract qualified mainland talent to keep competitive in a globalised market and to meet local manpower needs.

The program sets up an immigration mechanism for Chinese residents of the mainland (separate from, but aligned to, the employment visa process which applies to other foreign nationals or other PRC passport holders who are presently resident overseas).

The Visa Information document will give you more detailed information. You can then learn how to Prepare Your Case.

To assist you, a Document Check List is provided along with a Discussion of the reasons for the documents requested.

Moreover, we have included suitable Application Templates, together with the Application Forms and a useful Video Guide to help you complete those forms.

This section will show you How To Apply.

If you’re looking to extend your AMTPS visa, download our Visa Extension Kit here.

Finally, you may find this Podcast Discussion useful in assessing your case.

Handbook Contents
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