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How Can I Prove to the Hong Kong Immigration Department My Last Day of Work for My Previous Employer as Part of My Change of Employment Visa Sponsorship Application?

February 15th, 2023

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First Published July 29, 2013 – Still Relevant

The Immigration Department need documentation to understand when to demarcate new from old sponsorship arrangements when changing employers and the million dollar question is……. what will suffice?


I have a sponsored visa from my current employer until November 2014.

I am now wanting to leave this company and start work for a new employer as of  October 2013 .

I need obviously to inform the Immigration Department of a change of sponsor and get the visa updated to reflect the new sponsor.

My employer says he will not issue me a release letter which he claims that I will need to be accepted onto a new visa. He says if I stay until Jan 2014 he will issue the letter then.

This sounds like he is trying to bully me to stay.

I have three questions:

(a) Do I really need this release letter signed by my current employer to change sponsorship?

Or would immigration be happy to take a letter from me saying my contract has being terminated and I am no longer employed in Hong Kong.

(b) If I do need it can he legally refuse to provide it if the contract is terminated and all penalties etc are settled as per contract.

(c) Thirdly if he is obliged to provide it how can I ensure he does this in a timely manner?

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