Hong Kong Visas Made Easy

A Secret

You are probably paying too much for your Hong Kong visa service.

It’s true, and here’s the reason why.

Your ‘easy’ Hong Kong visa application costs just as much as a ‘hard’ or ‘very hard’ case – yet your visa services provider does not distinguish them.

They are all just ‘cases’. Those which go through quickly and easily are super-profitable for the immigration consultant and those which need strident argument barely break even.

We know this because our 30 years ofexperience in the Hong Kong immigration services business tells us the following:

70% of Hong Kong visa cases tend to be merely administrative in nature and 30% need to be aggressively argued.

Of the cases that need arguing, 50% require a lot of work and 50% somewhat less work.

Immigration service providers typically charge flat fees irrespective of complexity.

Visa consultancies are not able to advise a client theirs is an ‘easy’ case for fear of mis-setting expectations.

Moreover, at the point of agreeing a fee, immigration consultants are not in a position to know if a case will in fact be

easy or hard as they have not yet opened a file, read all the available papers nor understoodthe full case background.

This all means that easy cases inadvertently end up subsidising the hard ones and the majority of clients end up paying for the privilege! Clients are not in a position to know the true level of complexity on their case and so justify the size of their payment as a fee for convenience, service and peace of mind.

There’s nothing wrong with this of course. It’s a perfectly ethical way to provide an immigration service and tens of thousands of Hong Kong clients every year get good results from their consultants and are very pleased with the service. But there is an alternative.

It’s called the Hong Kong Visa Handbook.