What does career change mean?

Career change refers to a significant shift in an individual’s professional life, such as moving to a new industry or job role and how it might impact on Hong Kong employment visa approvability


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How Can I Get the Approval of the Immigration Department to Change My Hong Kong Employment Visa Sponsorship Without My Current Employer Learning About It?

Hong Kong Work Visa Change of Employer – Lower Salary A Negative?

What Happens if You Inadvertently Breach Your Conditions of Stay by Taking Up an Unauthorised Employment in Hong Kong Without First Applying for a Change of Sponsorship?

Can I Still Work if My Hong Kong Employment Visa Extension is Under Processing But My Previous Limit of Stay Has Expired?

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Does the Hong Kong Employment Visa Change of Sponsorship Process Expressly Disclose to My New Employer the Reason For Me Leaving My Previous Job?

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